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Watch Primary Hitman (2018) Online Full Movie Free

Primary Hitman (2018)

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An adopted son, only adopted to become a hit-man, ends up in a competition with his childhood friend hit-man, only to join forces together later on.

Rang Punjab (2018)

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Rang Punjab

Oh Deer, It's Christmas (2018)

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Oh Deer, It's Christmas

Major Arcana (2018)

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A long-troubled itinerant carpenter returns home to small town Vermont and attempts to build a log cabin by hand, hoping to free himself from a cycle of poverty and addiction. But when he ...

The Road to Edmond (2018)

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Cleo loves his life as a youth pastor in suburban Denver, but his genuine support for a teenage girl has put his job in jeopardy. When the church's Elder Board becomes aware of the ...

After Ever After (2018)

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All classical stories end with- "and they lived happily ever after". After Ever After explores the meaning of happily every after through the eyes of a struggling father.

Identity (2018)

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A teenage girl gets entangled in an online affair without knowing the true identity of her virtual lover.

Maria's Tale (2018)

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Tasting success with her growing internet channel Maria strives to give her audience the best coverage of local events. Gone are her days of covering the local pie eating contest and best ...

Khorwa the Cycle (2018)

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Daniel Knightley,Shenpenn Khymsar,

Bushwick Beats (2018)

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Six stories, six directors, six unique short films, all under the backdrop of Bushwick, Brooklyn, each a different look into the theme of unconditional love.

Dead Destination (2018)

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The War rages on.During the Battle on Planet Gaia.The Soldiers become ill from a virus and are put in to Cyro Freeze for further studies.The virus starts to show signs of mutation.On the ...

Kaibigan (2018)

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The Rack Pack (2018)

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A children's storybook author reminisces about his childhood adventures with his brothers and friends. In a time before kids spent hours watching television, on the computer, playing video ...

Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride (2018)

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It's Christmas time in Cleveland, Ohio and four young ladies are on the verge of completing their mandatory thirty days of community service. With only one night to go, they are required to...

iBOT (2018)

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55 Steps (2018)

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When patients' rights lawyer Colette Hughes goes to meet her new client, Eleanor Riese, a patient in the psychiatric unit of a San Francisco hospital, she has no idea that besides taking on...

Unholy Night (2018)

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Unholy Night

The Legend of King Solomon (2017)

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In this animation-feature, the ancient legends of King Solomon are humorously adapted for children, with a contemporary and fresh overtone. Adventure, magic, battles and love. The hopeful ...

Gun (2018)

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Toru Nishikawa is a university student. One day, he picks up a gun on the riverside and takes the gun home. He is excited and thrilled by having the gun. Toru is attracted to Yuko Yoshikawa...

Seven in Heaven (2018)

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Sixteen-year-old Jude discovers that each and every one of his fears is true.

El Rey (2018)

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El Rey

Kung Fu Masters 3 (2018)

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Kung Fu Masters 3 Free Download

Çift'lik Bank: Tosun Firarda (2018)

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Çift'lik Bank: Tosun Firarda

The Blood Artiste (2018)

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The Blood Artiste